The three kinds of hackers every business should watch out for

Hackers come from all different backgrounds. Some hackers are motivated by money and politics, while others simply hack systems for fun. In this blog post, we will define the three kinds of hackers and how each one differs from the others. A complicated history In the 1950s, the term “hacker” was vaguely defined as someone […]

Data backup solutions your business should use

Data loss, whether caused by equipment failure, human error, natural disasters, disgruntled employees, or cyberattacks, is a major threat to your business. If you’re not prepared, losing sensitive data can bring your business to a grinding halt. Fortunately, the following backup solutions can help prevent such a scenario. Tape drives Tape drives are the oldest […]

Here’s how SaaS can benefit your business

Nowadays, companies require all sorts of software to streamline and improve their operations. Utilizing a plethora of programs used to be prohibitive, but thanks to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), doing so is now budget-friendly. Learn more about SaaS and how your organization can benefit from it. What is SaaS, and what does Software-as-a-Service even mean? Just a […]

4 Pain points of hybrid work setups and how to solve them

At the height of the pandemic, many businesses were forced to suddenly adopt remote work setups in order to stay operational. However, when COVID-19 cases started to drop, the government gradually eased restrictions. In response, some organizations shifted to hybrid work, an arrangement that blends in-office and at-home work setups.

Work from home security best practices

In many industries, remote working is becoming an increasingly popular option for employees. But with the freedom and flexibility of working from home comes a new set of cybersecurity risks. Read on to learn security best practices for remote workers. Patch your software regularly Although installing software updates can be a major nuisance, these updates […]

4 Reasons to shift to Everything-as-a-Service

More businesses have been migrating their workloads to the cloud in recent years, due in part to the COVID-19 pandemic. With increasing cloud adoption came an expansion in the variety of solutions available to organizations, leading to the rise of Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS).

What is XaaS?
XaaS is a service model, in which solutions are delivered through the cloud instead of being installed or based on the user's premises.

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