5 Simple Ways Your Business Can Benefit from VoIP Phones

5 Simple Ways Your Business Can Benefit from VoIP Phones

The trusty landline might have served us well for more than a hundred years, but this dated technology simply can’t keep up with the business demands of Houston’s fast-based market. That’s why voice over internet protocol (VoIP) technology has become the norm in today’s corporate communications environments. By migrating to a cloud-hosted VoIP system, you’ll be able to eliminate your reliance on fixed-line telephony for good, and that will bring many important benefits to your organization:

#1. Mobile Accessibility

The rise of mobile technology was quick to seal the fate of the deskbound workday, and the ubiquity of mobile internet has now made it possible for employees to easily work at home or on the move. Add a cloud-hosted VoIP system into the mix, and you have a centrally managed communications infrastructure that’s accessible from any device with an internet connection.

With VoIP, your team can make and receive calls for a fraction of the price, no matter where they are in the world. No need to invest in new hardware; employees simply need access to the right VoIP app.

#2. Unlimited Scalability

A hosted VoIP system is a software-defined environment, which means it does not require any specific hardware other than, of course, an internet-connected device with a microphone. There’s no need to invest in expensive hardware upgrades, such as new servers and other infrastructure when you want to enroll new members. Instead, you’ll be paying a predictable per-user subscription fee, which means your telecommunications infrastructure can grow or shrink to meet your exact needs.

#3. Improved Productivity

Employees are happier and more engaged with their jobs when they have a degree of flexibility regarding how, where, and when they work. After all, no one likes the image of a vast cubicle farm in which everyone is chained to the office desk for eight hours per day. The ease of use, richer set of features, and virtually unlimited mobility of modern VoIP systems translate to better productivity and morale all around.

Better yet, with VoIP's video and audio conferencing feature and seamless integration with your other enterprise systems, you'll also have a far more collaborative environment in which every member of the company is always connected.

#4. Better Service

It’s not just your employees who benefit from VoIP -- it’s your customers too. With almost unlimited customization options, VoIP gives you everything you need to configure call routing and forwarding to ensure your customers always end up speaking to the right person as quickly as possible.

VoIP allows you to automate incoming calls with a virtual receptionist that provides callers with information such as office hours, while also directing them to the right extension. Previously, this sort of setup was only possible with a costly PBX system, the kind that’s way beyond the budgetary constraints of the typical small business.

#5. Simple Integration

Setting up an in-house phone system and trying to get it to play nicely with existing systems and other business processes is costly and time-consuming at best. With a hosted VoIP system, you’ll have everything up and running in a matter of minutes, as there won’t be any need to buy and configure additional hardware. Moreover, cloud-hosted VoIP solutions use standardized protocols, which allow them to integrate with other core business applications, such as customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning software. That means no more navigating between a dozen apps to track down the right message.

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