The importance of conducting an effective cybersecurity awareness training program

Some people might think that data breaches are mainly caused by cybercriminals. However, according to a study by Stanford University and cybersecurity firm Tessian, approximately 88% of all data breaches are caused by errors committed by employees. To mitigate the risks associated with staff making cybersecurity mistakes, it’s not enough to deploy solutions like firewalls and anti-malware programs — It’s also crucial to conduct cybersecurity awareness training programs.

How to support your employees that are still working from home

Many people have been working from home since stay-at-home orders were enforced in Houston and across the United States in early 2020. While working remotely may have plenty of benefits, it also brings a few challenges for employees. In fact, a study by software company Atlassian found the following:

42% of people surveyed said that they believed that working remotely results in a longer workday

28% said that the quality of collaboration opportunities worsened compared to when they worked in the office

A majority of respondents said that they resent how their work has started to take over their home

With COVID-19 cases rising again due to the COVID-19 Delta variant, your employees will have to continue working from home indefinitely.

The biggest cybersecurity myths, debunked

Cyberattacks are becoming more dangerous by the minute, so you must safeguard your business at all times. However, learning about proper cybersecurity protection can be confusing because of all the misinformation available online. So instead of keeping your company safe, bad cybersecurity could expose your organization more to security risks such as phishing scams and malware attacks.

What is credential stuffing, and why is it dangerous to your business?

Using different passwords for each of your online accounts helps to prevent cybercriminals from accessing your sensitive data. However, implementing this simple cybersecurity practice may be easier said than done. Seventy-five percent of the respondents in a poll conducted by Google say they become frustrated trying to remember all of their passwords.

5 Ways to build trust within your remote team

Many business owners tend to worry about the accountability of remote workers. They may be particularly concerned about whether their employees are getting work done and if they are able to remain productive while working out of the office.

To address this concern, some business leaders may resort to micromanaging.

How to solve the 4 most common VoIP issues

VoIP offers plenty of benefits to businesses, including improved productivity, unlimited scalability, and mobile accessibility, among other things. VoIP platforms are also more reliable and cheaper than traditional phone systems.

However, VoIP users may experience some problems when placing calls.

6 Things to include in your IT budget

Budgeting is important to any company’s success, as it helps ensure that an organization's finances are allocated appropriately. Without proper budgeting, planning is futile and business objectives can become more difficult to achieve.

There are many business aspects that you should budget for, but one of the most important ones to consider is your IT.

What is IT budgeting?
IT budgeting is the process of allocating monetary resources to a business’s various IT projects and technologies.

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