Why SMBs should switch to a virtual desktop infrastructure

More businesses today are using virtual desktop infrastructures, or VDIs, because they're more secure, reliable, and easier to support versus older computer systems. But what exactly does desktop virtualization entail and how does it benefit your business?

For starters, desktop virtualization is the creation of a “virtual machine” that replicates your computer’s desktop environment and its capabilities.

The dangers of insider threats to your business

What comes to mind when you hear the word cyberthreat? Maybe you think of hackers deploying viruses or cybercriminals forcing people to hand over confidential information. Have you ever thought that there may be internal threats lurking within your own network?

You might have a malicious staff member who wants to reveal sensitive information about your business.

Why your business needs cyber insurance

Plenty of small- and medium-sized business (SMB) owners mistakenly assume that they don't have to deal with cybercrime. After all, why would someone have a go at the little guy when they can gain more by targeting the big shots like Timehop, Macy’s, and Bloomingdale’s?

Unfortunately, cybercriminals are relentless.

Why your business needs a consolidated server

A business's IT network serves multiple critical functions, each often requiring its own server to ensure downtime-free operations. However, these dedicated servers are typically underutilized, only working at 15–20% capacity. This is not an economically viable proportion — having multiple physical servers operating at such low levels of utilization needlessly increases operating costs and requires more complicated administrative tasks.

Benefits of mobile device management

As indispensable information and communication hubs, mobile devices are constantly evolving — smartphones, tablets, and other mobile gadgets are regularly reinvented to accommodate the rising demands of users. These pieces of technology play a big part in everyday processes, especially for individuals and businesses that value accessibility and connectivity.

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