6 Signs it’s time to get a new laptop

6 Signs it’s time to get a new laptop

Laptops are great gadgets to have because they let you do practically anything you can do on a regular desktop, but you can lug a laptop around and even use it unplugged till the battery runs out. The latest laptop models have nifty features such as thumbprint scanners for verifying user identity and built-in web cameras for attending online video conferences.

Every year, new and more powerful models are introduced in the market, especially on Cyber Monday, which makes us wonder if it’s time to get ourselves a new laptop. No need to fret — here are six signs you need to replace your old laptop with a new one:

1. You can’t turn your old laptop on anymore

If nothing happens after you pressed your machine’s ON button, plugged it in functional wall sockets, and secured its power cables, then, unfortunately, your laptop has likely gone to tech heaven. If its warranty has not yet elapsed, then, by all means, replace the device without giving it another thought. Otherwise, you may want to go to your local repair shop or an authorized dealer (e.g., Genius for Apple products) to see if your machine can be brought back from the grave. If your machine is too far gone or requires extremely expensive repairs, then grieve, if you must — and try to recover locally stored files — and replace your gadget with a new one.

2. Your laptop is always hot and noisy

As laptops age, the wear and tear they’ve sustained over time makes them run hot more often than before. Their fans whirr with greater and more sustained vigor, and software programs run more slowly, too.

Removing accumulated dust from the fans can help you regain some performance, and external fans called laptop coolers can prevent overheating. While doing these prolongs the life of your device, it will still age to the point wherein it always overheats and slows down. When that time comes, say thank you to the device for serving you as much as it did (if you’re into treating things the way Marie Kondo does), then replace it with a new model.

3. A major component is broken

If your screen is cracked, too dim, flickering, or does not display anything at all, then you’ll want to replace it — or just replace the entire device if it’s already old and laggy, anyway. Same advice goes for laptops with keyboards with malfunctioning keys or those with batteries that no longer hold a charge.

4. Your laptop can’t support the new OS and apps you want

New operating systems (OSs) and apps usually require more processing power, memory, and security features than their predecessors. If you need those new things and your existing laptop can’t support them, then you’ll have to get a laptop that can.

5. You’re tired of lugging around a laptop that’s bulky and heavy

Newer models tend to be more portable by virtue of being thinner and lighter than older ones. This fact alone may be sufficient reason to get a new laptop, but the latest models also boast more powerful processors, batteries that last longer, and greater compatibility with the latest software. But the biggest sign it's time for you to get a new laptop is arguably...

6. …a huge price reduction

When Cyber Monday and other sales days come around, device prices may be slashed significantly, making them more affordable. While the latest of the latest tech may still be pricey despite being discounted, less recent but still-fresh models are likely to be can’t-miss bargains. If both your IT needs and budget align, then you might as well seize your opportunity before stocks run out.

If you’re a business owner who’s thinking about issuing devices, such as laptops, to your employees, our IT experts at Safebit can help you choose the right ones. We can also help you build systems for managing and securing those devices, too. Talk to us about your tech needs today.

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