Office relocation 101: Make the right move

Office relocation 101: Make the right move

Did you know that the cheetah is the fastest land animal, reaching tremendous speeds in a short period of time? Because of its thin and light frame, this large cat can travel at 75 miles per hour and go where it wants without a hitch. If only moving to a new office were that quick and easy!

Unfortunately, poor planning, miscommunication, budgetary constraints, and other unforeseen factors can make an office relocation a bad experience. While moving is a sign that your small business is growing, the process can be overwhelming and can give you a big headache. To have a smooth journey, here’s a checklist of the things to do:

☐ Plan ahead

Before you say “sayonara” to your old place, plan where to go and what to do. Know the things you’ll need at your new office. See if you require more space, additional office equipment, or if the color of your existing furniture looks great in the new space.

Above all, consider your location. How does your staff feel about relocating? Do they like the idea? You can’t risk losing an important employee because the place you’re moving to is too far or hard to reach.

☐ Know the numbers

See if you have enough people to carry out the relocation. If not, ask help from your employees or hire professional movers for the job. The latter will save you time and money since experts will know how to carefully move bulky equipment and keep downtime to a minimum. With their help, you can move quickly and quietly without damaging anything. This will make your customers and employees happy.

☐ Set a budget

Money, they say, makes the world go round, and you’ll certainly need it when you relocate to a new office. To avoid embarrassing situations, make a list of all possible expenses — from the movers and office rental to the furniture or equipment that’s perfect for the place you’re moving into.

Knowing how much money you have and how much you will spend can make things easy and lessen your anxiety and frustration. It will make you look younger, too!

☐ Bring what you need

Moving shouldn’t be an excuse to bring everything but the kitchen sink. Don’t pack your bags as if you’re going on a long expedition to the darkest reaches of Africa! Bring only what’s necessary to avoid wasting space.

Since moving is the perfect time to declutter, dispose or shred outdated files and donate antiquated furniture to your favorite charity. Store important data in the cloud so you can access them wherever you are. Get hold of new equipment to modernize your office and make employees more productive. This will ease the burden of moving and ensure that your new space is not filled with junk.

☐ Be open

Relocating shouldn’t be a secret. After all, you want your employees and customers to know where you’re going. This builds trust and is a good opportunity to breathe new life into your business.

Let everyone know your plan and assign duties beforehand, so relocating will be a breeze and not turn into a three-ring circus. Delegate tasks to keep things running in the office. Know who can do physical jobs such as packing and who can attend to the IT requirements. This lessens chaos and confusion during the transition period.

Tell people where you’re going and why you’ve decided to move. Explain how the move will benefit them and make your company grow. Get their reactions to make employees and customers feel important, lessen objections, and show that you care.

☐ Keep it simple

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