What are the advantages of using Citrix Hypervisor to host your virtual machines?

What are the advantages of using Citrix Hypervisor to host your virtual machines?

Virtualization greatly enhances computing efficiency by consolidating resources into a flexible, software-defined architecture. One of the core components of such an infrastructure is the hypervisor, a specialized software application that separates your desktop operating systems from the underlying hardware. This allows you to run multiple desktops on a single server or in a remote data center, with each one offering a distinct end-user experience.

Citrix Hypervisor is an open-source hypervisor offering one of the most secure and effective virtualization solutions available. With the exception of the freeware version, it’s also entirely managed to enable faster deployment of new desktops, reduced maintenance burden, and maximum uptime. It’s also a cloud platform, making it a great choice for businesses wanting to empower their workforces with unparalleled flexibility and mobility.

#1. Quick and easy setup

One of the most important benefits of virtualization is that it allows you to deploy full desktop experiences within a moment’s notice. Instead of providing a new laptop or workstation to every new member of staff, you can set up a virtual desktop, which they can then access over the web through their own laptop or another device. Citrix Hypervisor only takes around 10 minutes to set up, and there’s no need for any dedicated storage network or complicated configuration.

#2. Enterprise-grade virtualization

Citrix Hypervisor goes far beyond basic virtualization platforms to provide a fully cloud-enabled and enterprise-ready solution. It’s designed with mission-critical workloads in mind to ensure that business applications stay up and running all the time. It’s suitable for building almost any kind of virtualized infrastructure, and it allows administrators to integrate management processes into complex environments.

#3. Built-in protection and recovery

Another key benefit of virtualization is that it makes it possible to take snapshots of the state of any virtual machine. If the virtual machine crashes, for example, the system will simply load up the most recent version, allowing end users to get straight back to work as though nothing happened. Add full cloud-enablement into the mix, and you can also take advantage of built-in redundancies to ensure that no mission-critical apps or data are ever in danger.

#4. Consolidate and contain servers

Businesses face constant pressure to invest more in their technology, but there are ways to improve efficiency with what you already have. Citrix Hypervisor can consolidate many data center servers to increase the overall utilization of hardware resources. This comprehensive approach enables significant performance gains while eliminating unscheduled downtime and planned outages alike.

#5. Accelerated 3D graphics

Despite being around for decades, virtualization solutions have traditionally been slow to catch up with the needs of high-performance 3D rendering environments, like those used in design and computer-generated imagery (CGI). Remarkably, Citrix Hypervisor provides full support for 3D graphics with the greatest variety of virtualized GPU vendor options. This includes support for Intel’s virtual graphics technology and NVIDIA GRID deployments, with support for up to 128 sessions per host.

#6. Stronger security

Securing your vital infrastructure is crucial for safeguarding the future of your business, hence the need for unparalleled protection against advanced attacks and zero-day vulnerabilities. To meet these requirements, Citrix Hypervisor provides the Hypervisor Introspection application to continuously monitor your virtual environment. As a managed solution, it’s regularly updated to patch any potential security vulnerabilities before they can present a risk to your business.

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