5 Tips for managing your mobile workforce more effectively

5 Tips for managing your mobile workforce more effectively

Modern technology continues to transform the way we work. From being tied to an office desk for a nine-till-five schedule, many of today’s employees are enjoying a higher degree of workplace flexibility than anyone could have imagined just a decade ago. Already, 70% of the global workforce works remotely at least once per week. For employees, this typically means improved productivity and morale, but for business leaders, the trend is not without its challenges. Here are some ways to ease those management woes:

#1. Track your digital assets

The biggest challenge pertaining to workforce mobility is managing risks over constantly increasing attacks. After all, it’s much harder to track digital assets when they include a huge portfolio of both business- and employee-owned devices.

That’s why businesses need to implement a centralized management solution whereby administrators can closely monitor their digital assets and revoke access rights on any devices that have been reported stolen or lost. Mobile device management (MDM) solutions help businesses monitor and manage every device connected to the corporate network.

#2. Synchronize your data

When you have employees accessing, creating, and editing documents over such a wide range of different devices in different locations, it’s easy to lose track of your data. Not only does this present a serious risk for security and compliance, but it can also lead to data loss if any device is lost, stolen, or damaged.

To keep your data secure and integrate your backup and disaster recovery protocols across your mobile workforce, you must ensure that all work-related data and documents are automatically synchronized with a centralized server. The worst thing you can do is have only one copy of a critical business document, particularly if that copy resides on a mobile device.

#3. Involve your employees

Many enterprises fall into the trap of treating their mobile workforces as out of sight and out of mind. But that shouldn’t be the case. Every mobile workspace should be connected through an online collaboration platform that allows businesses to continue taking advantage of all the benefits of a more traditional working environment.

Just because employees are spread out over a wide geographical area shouldn’t mean they’re less of a priority. A robust platform integrates communication features, such as video conferencing, instant messaging, and event scheduling to maximize productivity among distributed workforces.

#4. Streamline your processes

Without the right infrastructure, it’s virtually impossible to retain the degree of connectedness necessary to ensure a productive and efficient mobile workforce. If employees have to come into the office just to exchange files or perform other tasks that can easily be automated and taken care of remotely, you might as well go back to the traditional working environment.

To manage your remote workforce more effectively, you can use cloud technologies to streamline workflows and ease administrative burdens. Add virtual desktop infrastructures (VDIs) into the mix, and your employees will be able to take their work with them anywhere on any device.

#5. Simplify and secure access

Workforce mobility certainly has considerable benefits, but it also greatly expands attack surfaces. Fortunately, it is possible to empower mobility without increasing risk.

Most data leaks and breaches occur because of employee negligence and lax access controls. For example, simply relying on passwords leaves employees open to social engineering scams. Your mobile workforce management solution should always incorporate security and compliance by design by allowing administrators to enforce corporate policies, such as two-factor authentication and remote wiping of compromised devices.

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