Five crucial layers of cybersecurity

Five crucial layers of cybersecurity

Cybercrime is a serious threat to individuals and businesses alike. With many people relying on technology to accomplish tasks more easily and efficiently, cybersecurity is absolutely essential to safeguard devices and systems from various cyberthreats.

Employing multiple levels of security ensures enhanced defense against unauthorized access as well as file corruption, theft, or deletion. If one measure fails to address one issue, another security mechanism sets out to thwart it.

The following are five crucial layers of IT protection that can help keep your business safe from security threats.

User education

Most security breaches stem from social engineering activities such as phishing and click-baiting. In these situations, people are manipulated into handing over their passwords and other personal information or downloading malicious files that steal their information. The simplest way to prevent assaults like these is through user education.

Remind your employees to always err on the side of caution; having strong passwords and taking extra care before opening suspicious files are effective in safekeeping information and devices. Additionally, hold regular security awareness training and testing programs that can help them identify and safeguard themselves from cyberattacks.

Content filtering

People engage with various kinds of content online for technical and social reasons. For instance, you might receive an email that purports to be from someone you know. Because it appears to be from a friend or colleague, you won’t think twice about clicking on the attachment. However, that file might actually be malware meant to infiltrate your network.

To prevent such malware infections, it’s essential that you have a system in place that filters web and email content and applications. Safebit Solutions offers a program that automatically identifies potentially harmful characters, attachments, and links and blocks them.

Centrally managed endpoint protection

As users continue to double up on cybersecurity measures, cybercriminals are also developing stronger strains of malware. Therefore, it pays to have access to cutting-edge anti-malware programs and a strong firewall to protect endpoint devices such as servers, desktops, and mobile devices. Likewise, having a centrally managed endpoint security system is a great defense against a full spectrum of threats and advanced targeted attacks. These investments generally cost less compared to purchasing brand new equipment or systems should they be compromised.

Security vulnerability auditing

Performing occasional security audits is also a great way to bolster your defenses, especially if you have outdated systems and software. It’s crucial that you regularly update your systems and immediately identify and patch up any vulnerabilities to keep your systems and device software up to date, stable, and safe from threats.

Safebit’s auditing solutions allow for the manual or systematic assessment of systems and/or applications. Both types of assessment include security vulnerability scans, reviews of application and operating system access controls, and analyses of physical access to the systems.

Timely and concise reporting

Multilayered cybersecurity strategies are holistic by nature and best managed centrally. This ensures coordinated defenses at every level, with the strategy working across multiple protocols and applications to mitigate risks. This also makes for more timely and concise reporting about the status of a system or network, which also means prompt monitoring, alerting, and rapid emergency response. Being aware of details such as blocked hacking attempts and your employees' web activity can help you identify which course of action to take to further enhance your business’s cybersecurity measures.

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