Remote working and cloud computing: A match made in heaven

Remote working and cloud computing: A match made in heaven

The ubiquity of cloud and mobile technologies has made access to diverse information and resources simpler than ever. Cloud solutions are now at the forefront of business computing, proving their value in the face of a global pandemic and the abrupt shift to remote work. But what particular benefits make cloud computing indispensable to remote work?

On-demand availability

Perhaps the greatest advantage of cloud computing is the on-demand availability of computing power and data storage. With just a couple of clicks, you can store, retrieve, recover, and process as much data as you want.

This is especially beneficial for remote work setups, as it allows employees to access company data, files, and programs using any internet-ready device.

And because resources are hosted on a remote server, individual computers or mobile devices don’t have to be constantly upgraded to perform effectively.


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Cloud solutions are ideal if you need to modify your IT environment regularly to meet business demands or difficulties. You can easily scale your IT infrastructure up or down based on capacity, bandwidth, and the number of users.

As most of the global, white-collar workforce is now working remotely, businesses are impelled to leverage a variety of cloud-supported platforms. While there are concerns about data and storage rationing, cloud service providers (CSPs) are still able to provide organizations with the resources they need.


Cloud environments let businesses save on substantial costs, as hardware and associated maintenance and utility expenses are completely removed from the picture. With cloud storage, you pay an all-inclusive monthly fee that covers storage, security, and support.

What's more, security patches, updates, and upgrades are performed only by trained IT technicians. This eliminates the need to manually maintain and upgrade existing equipment, which can be beneficial for distributed workforces.

While it’s true that cloud migration can get complicated, CSPs like Safebit Solutions offer managed migration plans that can help you transition key workflows and processes to the cloud safely and efficiently.

Better security

Although businesses used to worry about the security of cloud solutions, they now have less to worry about. The cloud employs advanced security features that guarantee the safe storage and handling of data.

To supplement your in-house security measures, CSPs offer baseline protections such as access control, authentication, and encryption for their platforms and the data they process. What’s more, they store your data in a secure facility protected from unauthorized access and common hardware failures.

These additional security measures help prevent data breaches and other cyberthreats that can negatively impact your revenue, customer loyalty, and brand positioning.

What’s more, as cloud technologies continue to drive growth, guidelines and regulations are being set in place to help protect businesses, employees, and customers. For instance, security regulations exist to protect data and privacy online, while financial regulations are there to prevent fraud. These serve as guides to help you ensure integrity, safety, and ethical behavior in your business operations.

Being cloud compliant allows you to establish trust with other parties and build a stronger reputation.

Competitive edge

Cloud computing has become one of the fastest-growing aspects of the IT industry. It has even been adopted by various industries such as healthcare and agriculture.

This shows how access to word-class enterprise technologies can give businesses a competitive edge — by offering myriad capabilities and avenues for innovation.

We at Safebit Solutions provide advanced yet affordable technology solutions and round-the-clock support to businesses throughout Houston. If you’d like to learn more about how cloud technologies can help your business, call our IT experts now.

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