IT resolution for 2021: Leave these IT tasks to the pros

IT resolution for 2021: Leave these IT tasks to the pros

Many people come up with a New Year’s resolution, as changing something for the better not only helps us achieve more goals, but it also improves our general well-being. Whatever your intention may be, it’s important to set realistic and attainable goals.

The same applies to your business. Your employees aren’t IT experts, so don’t entrust them with complicated IT tasks such as software troubleshooting and virus removal, as your staff may cause more problems than solutions. In 2021, leave these tedious tasks to tech pros :

1. Optimizing computer performance

Your office computer may not be as fast as it used to be after years of use. It may take a few minutes to start up, and programs may open more slowly or refuse to work at all.

Using Task Manager can suspend malfunctioning programs, but you may end up causing more problems. For instance, a program may be reliant on other applications running in the background. Also, you may terminate critical system processes like svchost.exe and csrss.exe, which can cause your PC to display a “blue screen of death” error message.

Let an IT professional step in whenever your computers malfunction to avoid recurring issues once and for all.

2. Freeing up storage space

Modern computers have plenty of storage, but as soon as the storage system gets full, the computer will prompt the user to delete some of its contents.

Freeing up space may seem like a simple task, but you might do it incorrectly, such as deleting the System32 folder erratically which may seriously damage your PC. . A PC may also get damaged when you uninstall an application that, in turn, causes other programs to crash

If you really need to free up storage space, check what’s inside the folders first to see if they contain anything important. Avoid uninstalling programs that you are unfamiliar with. Lastly, seek the assistance of your company’s IT department to safely free up storage space on your computer.

3. Backing up your data

You need to backup your files to prepare for cyberattacks, but that doesn't necessarily mean buying USB flash drives to manually save your files. Instead, have an IT expert store important data on external hard drives, network-attached storage systems, or the cloud. Having a copy of your files on a separate location ensures their integrity, and ensures that your business can recover quickly in case of a disaster.

4. Updating your systems

Computers receive software updates to patch vulnerabilities, introduce new features and remove outdated ones, and update software drivers.

But take precaution when installing certain OS updates because some may not work properly on your devices. In fact, some users who updated their PCs to Windows 10 version 2004 experienced connectivity issues with Realtek Bluetooth radio drivers.

Leave software updates to your IT team, as they have the ability to test updates and check for compatibility issues before deploying them to more devices. This saves the company time and money that could’ve been used elsewhere.

5. Replacing parts

Hardware components may malfunction from time to time, such as a faulty graphics card or hard drive. However, replacing them isn’t as simple as putting Lego pieces together. You need to identify the source of the problem, purchase the right part, and install it, which can take a lot of time.

This is why you should leave PC parts replacement to IT professionals. They can easily spot the damaged component and replace it at your most convenient time so you can stay productive without any disruptions.

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