4 Pain points of hybrid work setups and how to solve them

At the height of the pandemic, many businesses were forced to suddenly adopt remote work setups in order to stay operational. However, when COVID-19 cases started to drop, the government gradually eased restrictions. In response, some organizations shifted to hybrid work, an arrangement that blends in-office and at-home work setups.

6 Ways to improve your video meetings

Video meetings are great for bringing together people who are far apart. Be they remote workers or third-party partners in another country, they can do brainstorming sessions, training seminars, company town halls, what have you. Distance is no longer a reason for not being able to discuss strategies or collaborate on projects in real time.

How to create a GDPR-compliant password policy

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in May 2018 in the European Union (EU). However, the rules apply to any organization doing business with EU citizens, even if they don’t maintain any local presence.

Like many data-protection regulations, GDPR is vague when it comes to the exact details of how to implement a compliant security policy.

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