How to run effective holiday email marketing campaigns

The holidays are a time when people are shopping for gifts, taking vacations, and spending time with family and friends. That's why it's also the perfect time to send out holiday emails to connect with your customers and remind them of your brand.

To make your holiday email marketing campaigns more effective, follow these tips:
Set your campaign goal and success metrics
Start by clearly defining what you want to achieve in your holiday email marketing campaign.

3 Ways to improve your company’s data backup strategy

Imagine what would happen to your business if you lost company data like customer details, employee records, financial statements, and proprietary information. Such a scenario can tremendously hurt your operations. Your employees will find it difficult to properly serve your customers, who'll become irate and leave you for your competitor.

3 Reasons why your business should have a backup and disaster recovery plan

Every organization that produces, handles, or stores data — including your business in Houston — should create a backup and recovery plan (BDR). Here are three reasons why.
1. Losing data or access to data can have serious implications
Some data are critical to a business's operations.

7 Common mistakes businesses make when buying IT hardware

Hardware is a critical part of any business. If you don’t have the correct hardware, your software may not run efficiently or at all. This scenario can then adversely affect your productivity and your business’s bottom line.

Unfortunately, when purchasing new hardware, many companies make mistakes that can end up costing them time and money.

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